Friday, October 26, 2012

Typo's and Spelling Error's

Typo's and Spelling Error's

My biggest beef with spelling errors are the words: "a lot" which more often than not many people put into one word, making it the common misspelling of "alot." Every time I see that I cringe. It annoys the crap out of me something fierce! 

Since I have purchased my first android phone I now have a fetish whereas my phone auto~corrects my words and I forget to look. More often than not I am saying the stupidest of things and everyone has to re~read or ask me questions. Luckily I re~read after sending my messages and instantly explain: "oops I meant to say such and such, sorry my phone auto corrected." 

As a Child, I grew up listening to: "Aint is not a word." Since that time, Webster has since put it into the Dictionary, because it is frequently used, however it is labeled as: "slang." And in one Dictionary I read it to say: "Improper English." It is things like this, that prove: times are a changing!

My Blackberry used to have issues with keys sticking, so I would typo in those instances as well. And since my mini strokes, commonly known as TIA's; I now frequently typo because the keyboard that I had memorized is now off by a margin, if that makes any sense to anyone. My home row, when I sit my fingers down, it never fails, I am laying them several keys off, but in the right places. I explained and showed what was happening to my Doctor and he ran several tests, along with this and missing pieces of memory, some speech impairment, not always noticeable, most would never know I had strokes and have impairments from them. I am considered lucky. 
(Please tell me you can spot the mistake in the graphic above!)

Whatever the case, I would like to ask those of you who misspell the word "a lot" to please realize that it is in fact two words and not one. That is the main reasoning in this entry.

Thank you for understanding! :)

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