Monday, October 20, 2014

Review: Dove Pure Care Dry Oil Products

I seen these products a Month ago, and it was the time when I was getting fed up with my hair. I have hair almost to my butt, in the back when straightened and wet. It was becoming hard to comb and brush, and I was thinking it was split ends, although no one could see any. 

I have always used Dove, including body bars, soap, body wash, shampoos and conditioners. I become a full time user when my obstetrician told me to switch to Dove, because it doesn't leave residue on ones body. I've been using it since. I would have to say that was approximately eight years ago. 

Needless to say, I found that when I tried these new "Pure Care Dry Oil" products of Dove's I bought them. Each and every single one of them. I was sick of the tangling, knots, and everything. With hair this long, and bad shoulders, one prefers easy. And to boot my hair is super thick. Instantly, I fell in love with the smell! 

After the first washing, my hair combed, not brushed, but combed right through. I was smiling. I tweeted to Dove about it, but never heard a peep from them. Oh well. 

My hair was not greasy, nor were my hands, and it didn't feel heavy either. It looked good, and felt good too, as did I. 

Still, I have no split ends. And I even obtained the courage to wash the grey out of my hair. Do you think that made my hair any different? Nope. Still just as heavenly as before, but without those pesky grey hairs! 

Now not only does my hair look and feel gorgeous, but it looks younger too! I am very pleased and would recommend trying these products! With them their is no need for a hot oil treatment, it's built right in! With them, you're saving money and looking, feeling and smelling better, and you'll be glad you did too! 

After you try them, you too will refer it your friends and family! Trust me! 

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