Friday, April 19, 2013

Saved by Late Nite TV & Tommie Copper Products!

Infomercial to the Rescue!

Thank you:

Tommie Copper & Montel Williams!

Montel Williams

One night my husband and I mysteriously were up late sitting in bed talking, and the TV was running, and as the shows go off the air, Infomercials turn on. Usually, this is when we realize its late, and turn the TV off.

Not this time, this time, a few words catch our ears, promising the end of pain and misery.

We listen intensely, and watch and learn. Never do they mention pricing, they just keep offering testimonials, and showing you satisfied customers, and describing how the products work, and their guarantee. On and on, still no price. More or less, we are being teased.
Image property of Tommie Copper, this is their Logo

We have the money in the bank, we were just paid. No eight hundred number, nothing. We have now watched this show for over and hour! Were already sold! I'm not kidding!

I get out my purse, and have my credit card ready, and tell my husband point blank, "I'm getting one for me knee, and if they're cheap enough, I'm getting two!" He looks at me and says, "Well I want one for my back, or even my shoulder too. So I think a T-shirt would work for me, it depends on how much they are..."
Tommie Copper Knee

Finally after forty five minutes the toll free number comes onto the screen as well as a web site. Since they offered a web site, I logged on to that. 

We ordered my two knee braces, and his T shirt and spent a total of ninety three dollars, shipping was totally and completely free. It said it would take six weeks, but we had everything in the following week. I put mine on immediately, because I am getting to know it within my thirty days or its going back if its a scam. My husband is still at work.

As soon as I put on both knee braces, I could feel relief instantly, like my knees were getting a massage. I'm not kidding, it was like tiny little fingers were gently caressing my knees all day long. 
Tommie Copper Elbow Image

Within two days my knee felt like a totally new knee and I was no longer limping. I totally took the brace off of the other knee, because it was no where as bad, and it had already done something to the other one, and it was no longer aching what so ever. The other one, is so damaged it is pathetic. But it is the same knee, that I have had my hip replacement on, so it has been through a lot, and I have twisted it, spun it, torn it, and presently I'm pretty certain I have "Water on the knee" or something. I cannot get it taken care of much having a hip replacement in the very same leg, though, and all anyone cares to do, is blame my weight for everything, rather then take and look at me.

When my husband came home, he put on his T-shirt, and he said he didn't feel anyone massaging him, and that it didn't help with his lower back, but it did help with his shoulder. He has had surgery on his lower back, as well as; on one of his shoulders, and both of his shoulders are just as bad right now, and he believes they both need operated on now. He is a lot more active then I am, he didn't seem as impressed as I am, but he did say they helped, and yes he wanted to keep his shirt, and would like to try and get more and other products when we get the money.

We both believe in the Tommie Copper products and suggest that you give them a try, they are worth the money they cost.

With Tommie Copper products, it will eliminate the need for more pain pills, and you will feel like a whole new, better person, take it from me! I used to take plenty of pain pills and sit there and complain! Not now! Thanks to Tommie Copper, I'm feeling better, and moving around again! You can be too!
No more pills!
You can wash and dry them, but you cannot use dryer sheets, and is it stop the copper from working, and the copper is infused into the fabric, and that is what is helping to make us feel better. You also cannot use bleach!

Tommie Copper has a web site for you to order from:

Now the rest is up to you! I suggest you get on their web site, and check it out too, stop procrastinating. You won't regret it!

Tommie Copper!