Saturday, May 2, 2015

Cree LED Light Bulbs

Cree LED Light Bulbs

Compliments of Klout Perks and Klout, I was sent a complimentary Cree LED 60 watt bulb. 

When I opened it, I instantly noticed that it would save me money and promised to cut my electricity lighting bill in more than half if I used these bulbs. Then I noticed the bulb had vents on it, and that it was plastic. It also promised to save energy, and use less wattage, there were a whole lot of plus factors associated with this one little bulb.

My husband suggested using it in our bedroom, because the lighting in our room, is down right lousy.

I put it right into the lamp, which has a dark purple lampshade atop of it. Instantly his side of the room was brighter, and I mean instantly. 

After a few hours, I went back to the bulb, wondering if it would be hot. Nope. Another plus. I hate touching and changing hot light bulbs.

I posted on twitter at-ting Cree (@Cree) and they responded wanting to know what I thought. I immediately told them I was impressed, because the bulb, in itself was lighting a room that a 100 watt, and a 150 watt bulb could not do. 

Later I ask them where I could get them, and they told me that I could order them directly from them at their web site, or from Home Depot, and they at-ted @HomeDepot

The fact that this company is here for you, and wants to know what you think, and communicates is another thing I found impressive. I wondered if it was just because of @Klout, so I went to their @Twitter page and seen that they were communicating with anyone who mentioned them. And they were out to make a difference, answering questions, explaining, and everything. 

So then I decided to give their web site a look see:

The Cree company has already won awards. That too, put a smile on my face. Obviously they plan to make a difference, and in a good way.

I think the rest of you should check out Cree Lighting and allow them to "Light Up Your Life!" Because they certainly have mine!

I think Cree is a fine company and I think their light bulbs are amazing! I am glad that Klout and Klout Perks led me to them, otherwise, I don't honestly believe I would've ever heard of them. 

Next time you want to try a new bulb that actually gives off the right kind of light, give Cree a try, trust me, you'll be glad you did.