Saturday, December 5, 2015

Review: of Scrub A Dub N Shine Cleaning Services

Scrub A Dub N Shine LLC Cleaning Services Reviewed! 

I awoke one morning on Thanksgiving Week End 2015 to a glow in the Bathroom in the main part of the house. I couldn’t understand it, it was so white. What was going on. So I decided to step in, not yet fully awake. I called out to my husband in disbelief, shock and awe. He stood beside me, and looked around. He than announced to me,

“Yep, Shannon planned this for weeks! It’s her gift to you! Surprise!” 

I continued to look around. The grout had never been this clean, not even after they finished making the bathroom, because they allegedly couldn’t get it to clean up. I leaned over to feel the tub scum. Nothing. And they could never get the scum out of the tub either, they always had some kind of excuse. 

So I dialed Shannon, all excited and thanked her, and asked her what her secrets and she was all excited too, and told me what it is she does. I explained that the strongest men I know were unable to get the scum from the tub, and the grout was “allegedly” unable to return to white even after they finished creating the bathroom because they claimed they damaged the white grout. You could hear the smile in Shannon’s voice, not to mention, mine.

So this is why I decided to write a review about “Scrub~A~Dub & Shine” because though they are small company, (currently) they are the best. And for those of you in Brevard County and surrounding area’s you certainly need to give them a call, because the quotes are free. 

I have watched Shannon clean up the mess all the grand kids made in my house in matter of seconds! That too, blew my mind. I asked her too, how she did that. She has informed me, 

“you need to be fast, because they’re going to make a mess right behind you while you are cleaning.” Which any parent knows! And she is, fast!

Shannon and Ginger have a wonderful team of workers, and they work together, and fast. And they get the job done, and never have any complaints. They will leave your house smelling clean, and looking clean, and trust me, you will want them back the next time you need it cleaned!

Below are photos two weeks after she cleaned, and my animals have put paw prints on the floor, but I still wanted to show you. You can still "see" the white. Trust me when I tell you, the grout was almost black, and in some spots, it was. 

I personally wanted to say "Thank you, Shannon!"

And they truly are what they advertise: "A Top Notch Cleaning!"

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