Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Product Review: Prescription Chantix

Prescription Chantix: A Review

A Stop Smoking Regiment

Deneale K. Williams

As some of you may or may not know, I am not a smoker. However, I have many smokers in my family, as well as my friends. And because of the fact that I have asthma and COPD Emphysema, my friends and family are trying to quit smoking.
Because of this, I wish to review the prescription commonly known as "Chantix"

Many of my friends and family have tried this product with positive results. And my husband has smoked since he was thirteen years old.

I spoke with each person individually, and all the results were identical. The craving was gone, and they didn't have a bad reaction when they did smoke.

The biggest complaint is the cost of the prescription, even with insurance coverage. And because this drug is new, and some what experimental, some insurances don't cover it at all. Yes, a carton of cigarettes is a lot cheaper then the prescription. But look at it this way, in the long run, you will no longer need the prescription, or the cigarettes. At that time, you will have money to gain!!

I did read up on this drug, and found that it does have side effects, however-every drug has side effects, and it also depends on the individual.

The drug chantix's given name is: Varenicline. It is produced by Pfizer. Its side effects include: abnormal dreams, (or in some cases- nightmares), nausea, head ache, change in taste (but this is going to happen irregardless, once you quit- you will be regaining your senses, including taste!) vomiting, abdominal pain, and constipation. Just because the drug causes side effects, does not mean, that you will get them.

Please note, as with any medication, you can also experience allergic reactions. And sometimes the allergic reactions can cause the same symptoms as the side effects. There is also no guarantee that this, or any other product will work for you.

Varenicline is used as a nicotine replacement therapy. The good thing about it, is unlike the patch, or nicotine gums, it is not giving you bursts of nicotine, to subdue your desire. That is why most Doctors are prescribing Chantix, because it isn't giving you nicotine or a nicotine substitute. According to our Doctor when we questioned him about this regiment, he said the medicine sends a message to your brain, subduing the craving for a cigarette, and desire. And like I have mentioned before, this drug is better for you then the regiments that are still supplying you with the nicotine.

Some Doctors can issue coupons with the prescription. There are several steps, however- a couple of my friends only needed the first step, and never had to continue the regiment. You can also get coupons from the web, simply search.

I think this is a wise choice over the gums, and patches for the simple fact that you don't have the added nicotine into your blood stream. That causes problems when you are trying to stop smoking and then you sneak a smoke. Because sometimes that can cause you to get sick, for some people anyway- it all depends on the individual of course.

Before quitting smoking, it is suggested to contact your Doctor and ask what he or she has to say, or suggest. Quitting smoking, just like smoking itself, can cause reactions.

Smoking itself is bad for you, as I am certain you already know. And second hand smoke is just as bad as smoking. Smoking while pregnant can cause low birth weight and premature birth. Before starting or stopping smoking, please research your final decision.

Published by Deneale K. Williams

Product Review: Listerine Whitening Pre-Brush Rinse!

 Product Review: Listerine Whitening Pre-Brush Rinse 
I am not usually a person who does mouth wash. I prefer to brush my teeth, and tongue and be done with it. 
But recently, I had a bad tooth ache, and was away from home. It was getting so bad, that it was swelling up on my face, and everyone noticed. My speech had became impaired and I was about fed up, when my own daughter handed me this "Listerine Whitening Pre-Brush Rinse." 

I was skeptical, but read the bottle, and it said on it that it whitens teeth, and kills the germs that cause bad breath. Well, along with this infection, was bad breath and bad taste, so I gave it a try. 

You can tell when you try it that it has peroxide in it. I held it in my mouth for well over a minute. I swished, and then tilted my head so it would keep the bad teeth immersed, as I waited. And mind you, the feeling was intense. 

That night, the pain let up some. Don't get me wrong, it was no miracle cure, it just let up enough to let me sleep, which was a plus. 

So I decided to do it after every meal, (provided I could eat it) and before bed, and when I awoke. I often found myself doing it, when the pain would start to intensify too. 

Within a few days, the bad breath smell had vanished, and so had the pain. Say what you want, but this was the only thing I was doing! I honestly believe that it "killed" the infection, and made me loads better. 

Yes, I know that I still need to see a dentist and have the teeth removed, but for now-I am doing loads better, and I know it's this Listerine! My mouth feels better, smells better, and even looks better! 

And the other day, my son was beginning to get a sore throat, and I made him gargle with it several times through out the day, and the sore throat was gone by evening! 

This product works, and I will continue to keep it around. I am not saying it is a miracle cure, but it did the job this time! I was impressed, and like I said- I am not a mouth wash person.