Monday, May 6, 2013

The statement I am about to make is one hundred percent true and happened and there are many people who can attest to this including 's own call center:

Not quite a year ago, through the power of suggestion by friends and family as well as television advertisements, we decided it best to invest in the company known on the web as:
Their advertisements suggest that you can check out anyone you feel may be letting into your own home, such as a baby sitter, or someone you are planning to date. You can also run reverse phone number look ups, on the number giving you harassing calls! They offer many services!  And you can buy a package of an entire year, or just check a person, phone number or whatever that ails you one at a time. They also offer you the pleasure of trying them before buying, giving you a Month for free, to see if their business is in fact what you had hoped or anticipated it would be.

I am a Notary Public, as well a Criminal Justice Major, as well as a Landlord, and Manager of an entire Community. 

Even before purchasing my year at I have had a cyber bully, one that anyone that knows me, knows about. This person stalks me on as well as and at one time had written blogs about me, until forced to delete them. 

This very same person has posted several false reports on and about me on (<~~~this site has been reported by many to the FBI!) including the release of my social security number, which remained on their site for several days, and then managed to be picked up and farmed out by other hackers and internet criminals, and reposted elsewhere. 

Because of the release of my social security number; along with my phone number, email address, home address, date of birth, and yes: even an imaginary figure claiming to be my weight: the bank account that my husband and I hold together was now compromised, as well as my account, and other things. Instantly we were drained of funds, and everything about me was all over the net for all to see, the only choice I had was to keep an eye on my own identification, and protect my own asset: myself. Therefore, under the advisement of counsel and the Police, we sought out my credit reports, and then joined to keep an eye on anything and everything happening to and about me, especially with my own name and social security number.

In the meantime, a friend of mine, whom is also being bullied, also by my cyber bully as well as others- I had decided to offer up my services of my account to check my friends’ own name out for him, since people are accusing him of being a pedophile, and other malicious things. He gave me permission. This is all happening on and I have all of the tweets to verify this factor, as well as the proof from the person in question, who is willing to attest to this factor, and has claimed to have contacted on my behalf.
In the meantime, my cyber bully, contacted the as well as the account @Beenverified and tells them publicly that  I am using my account for illegal activities, including researching my bully, as well as other things. The twitter account gives my bully the toll free number to contact them. At this point, my Bully proceeds to call them and accuse me of many things, until finally after several calls, they finally decide to suspend my account. 

I didn’t find out it was suspended until I had to use their services again, which I did so when checking on my social security number activity as I did each and every week religiously. 

The representative point blank told me who the complaint came from, and what was said, and that it had originated on, which I had already knew, because my cyber bully, was kind enough to link my name into the conversation. 

The woman on the other end of the phone whom identified herself as “Heather” asked me if I was a Landlord. I answered yes. I do not and did not lie. Rather than ask me what I used my account for, or research the history, to wit I know she or any computer geek can do, she said: “Ma’am I regret to inform you that you cannot use our services to screen your tenants.”

I responded with, “I never said I was. I haven’t yet. I haven’t needed to, my tenants have all been Floridians thus far and I simply run them through  “Brevard County EFacts Page” located at: which is a local page, which is not your page, and has nothing to do with you.” 

Mrs. Williams I have a report here from one Mrs……….. who claims she tried to rent from you and you turned her and her husband down after you ran their credit and back ground check through our system, and informed her as such, according to her. She claims to have this written in writing and signed by you.” The person whose name I have omitted, is of course, my cyber bully. And the woman has never applied to live in any of my homes, no matter what she says; or should I say: believes.

“Sadly, I regret to inform you that the person in question is my cyber bully, and has never applied to live in any of my residences, rentals, or places that I Manage.  You have been misinformed.” I explained.
“Regretfully, this complaint came through and now that you and I have spoken, and you admitted to me that you are in fact a LandLord, I will be in fact refunding you the whole $99.00 and closing out your account. I apologize for this inconvenience.” Heather, of explained.

This is totally wrong and fraudulent! You are taking the word of a known and convicted felon over a known business woman, whom is trying to protect herself and her assets! And you are refusing my monies over this? How can you do this?! I cannot believe this is happening.” I gasped in utter awe.

Ma’am you can just as easily open another account under another email address. All you need to do is not let Mrs. …….. know what that email address is, and she will be unable to report you. The fact that you provided her with your email address, is the only way she sought you out and reported you this time. Otherwise, her claims would have just been unsubstantiated. Do you understand what it is that I am telling you Mrs. Williams?” Heather of stressed to me, as she spoke several words slower then others, as if to make a point. 

“I think what you’re basically saying is this account is closed all because some person can say whatever they want, and that because she knew my email address, and I told the truth about being a LandLord- never stating I did anything you in fact said I did; that I can open another account I just have to use another email address, and not let the woman know it. That I can do, no problem.” I responded, still quite irritated.

“I’m not agreeing or disagreeing with you Mrs. Williams, but with what you have going on, I would suggest enrolling in to protect yourself and your assets and I do apologize that it has came to this. Please have a nice day.” And she hung up on me.

For Months, I sat quietly and discreetly until one day, my friend asked me a few questions about how I was doing, and why my cyber bully, was back to attacking me so hard. I at the point, made it public on what had been happening, and it was then that I noted that the account @beenverified had blocked me. 

The person whom I ran a back ground check on, with their permission posted publicly to the account @beenverified and he also sent an email to them and informed them as well; that he had given me permission. If he received a response, he never stated as such, so I presume he too was ignored. 

My cyber bully, again, links to @beenverified and thanks them for blocking me, and banning me from their server and cancelling my account. This person states they feel safer now, and so should the rest of the World. 

Recently; I contacted and spoke with a Supervisior, or at least someone pretending to be, named Marcus Bishop. He told me that yes; if you know the account holders email address, and know for a fact and state as such that a person is doing bad things with their account, they will refund and close anyone’s account without any just cause or proof, just to protect the Public. Especially if the person making the complaint has done their research, and finds that the person in question is violating the TOS (Terms of Service) to their company. But again, they do not require any proof, whatever you as the complaining party says, is fact; as far as their concerned.

My question to you is this, if you don’t want a person to look up another person, than why make the company in the first place?! 

Next, although I did not do what it is that I am accused of, I find it unjust and wrong to automatically just believe everything you hear to be true and fact. I do not appreciate the fact I was not even given my own chance to defend myself, instead I was asked a question, and then judged, on that in itself, which had nothing to do with why I had in fact joined in the first place. 

So my honest opinion about is and could be a good service, the price is right, but they obviously have fine print, and that fine print changes daily. I like the fact that every time I have called in, I did get a very good speaking English American person who took the time to speak to me, and am grateful that I spoke to a real person and not robots! I am glad that they do not give out social security numbers to people when you search them out, and that they do protect people’s privacy in that aspect. I also do like the convenience of their mobile application for my Android phone. I was impressed that although I had been with them for well over 6 months, when the fraudulent complaint came in about me, they refunded me the entire price and did not chop it up for the months prior that I had already used. 

However, I am deeply unimpressed with the fact that customers can call in and lie, and that the account is also into playing the childish net games and plays into encouraging cyber bullying. Whomever is running the internet account for @beenverified for the last nine months, I honestly feel needs removed. They are delusional and if they have and are doing this to anyone else, I feel sorry for the other parties. Someday, I hope to see this account act more professional and at the very least post a public apology. I give your services sadly a one out of five stars. You are very unprofessional and do not have a clue what you’re doing. You need to come up with a better plan, the customer is not always right. Sometimes the customers lie. I strongly suggest doing your own homework before judging and out casting stones. Your services could be a great thing, sadly you are unable to let it amount to such.
Might want to read some ranting on the customer reviews here too: Apparently I am not the only unhappy customer.....

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  1. I am the one that the author did the background check on. She did so with my permission after her bully joined with a group of bullies that were attacking my character.

    Deneale and I had a brief misunderstanding and as a result she had concerns over things she had on twitter. Also, an individual from the group bullying me contacted her and attempted to get her to join them in bullying me.

    Deneale, bothered by this unilateral and unwanted contacted decided to use to conduct a background check of me. Before doing so she asked for my permission, WHICH SHE DID NOT NEED, and I granted it.

    Deneale then made public that she did the check and that there was no criminal record of any kind.

    Her bully was promptly contacted and her bully allied with that group to further bully Deneale.

    As a result of her honesty, Deneale has been the subject of numerous demeaning articles by the blogger who leads that group as well as the torment by her bully as described in this article.

    I did contact Beenverified and got the same answers as did Deneale.

    While their solution of changing e mail addresses is a simple one, it is still a weakness of their service. There are services such as beenverified that will allow landlords and other commercial enities to do similar background checks of this nature. The differences is that there are per use fees.

    This was one of a number of reasons given for the suspension. Beenverified also has to abide by federal regulations regarding privacy rights.

    What this incident does show is that there are people who will go to extreme lengths, including making fraudulant reports, when they target someone for whatever reason.

    This is a clear indication that the government needs to step in and at least curb some of the most extreme behavior with direct regulations.

  3. Today, all most of the people tend to care about are themselves. That is why hardly any people even dare to come forward when they even see, hear or know of a person being bullied or ridiculed. The World is not the same as it used to be, and we used to hate it when OUR Parent's said that, but truly, the World does keep changing and not for the better.