Wednesday, April 23, 2014

McDonald's Signature Peaches and Cream Pie


Recently I decided to try one of McDonald's signature pies, the "Peaches and Cream" pie. And to be completely honest with you, I figured it would be "Just ok." Nothing elaborate, or anything, after all, it is fast food. 

(*This picture was taken by me, therefore is copyright of and to Deneale K. McElhaney~Williams, only secondarily allowing copyright to McDonald's being that it is their product.*)

But low and behold, I was ultimately impressed, it tasted like Heaven to me. I haven't tasted a peaches and cream pie like that....ever. Not even store bought, or home made, how sad is that? 

And when I was younger, the pies used to be fried, now the are healthier and baked. The pie I had was warm, fresh, and quite tasty. 

I was and am impressed with this pie, including the price, being two for one dollar. Quality fast food, at quality prices, worth it, when made and served right. 

Here I broke my pie in half allowing you to view within. Again, my copyright. 

I realize this pie is a signature pie, meaning it is limited edition, and only out on the market during certain time frames. However, I still am quite satisfied, and would be even more so, should it be added to the permanent menu.

For your convenience I have decided to look up nutrition facts and calories, but could only find the "Peach Pie" not the "Peaches and Cream Pie" information no matter how hard I searched. I apologize, but this is the best I could find:

McDonald's does have their own web site, located at here is what the site looks like:

                 On this site you can even learn McDonald's History:

I would like to inform my readers, and anyone rose echo follows, and/or reads this, that I give the McDonald's Peaches and Cream pie a five star review. That's five out of five stars. I truly enjoyed it, and have since went back for more! I suggest that you give them a try, you too; will be quite satisfied!