Saturday, November 11, 2017

Review: Brevard Discount Transmission

Review: Brevard Discount Transmission

Recently my husband had to have his 1998 Chevy Silverado 4 X 4 transmission rebuilt. As always, every time our vehicles break down, it is always at the worst time. But what is even worse, is we have always dealt with Scott from ‘Trans Fix Transmissions’ which was two doors down from where we live. Unfortunately, Scott closed down after the death of his father; leaving us without our main mechanic. 

However, on top of that, my husband works for Kennedy Space Center. While he was a bus cleaner, he worked alongside of their mechanics. Therefore, my husband often receives advice from one of their mechanics whenever we need it. 

This is how we were directed to ‘Brevard Discount Transmission.’ And I must admit, I am glad that this is where we were led to.

This is where I met Cara Pedone, daughter of the owner Chris Pedone. Cara sits at the counter in the officer up front, answering the phones, scheduling appointments, taking the money, and answering questions, and so much more. What’s even better, she has a very lovable personality. 
Chris and Cara Pedone
Brevard Discount Transmission was opened nineteen years ago. Cara was summoned by her parents to come in and fill in seventeen years ago and has been their filling in ever since. She jokes, that she is still waiting to find her replacement. But, we all know better. She enjoys her job, and you can just tell by how well she does it, and the smile on her face every time you see her. 
Cara Decorated these pumpkins for the shop
The Pedone family are very nice people. My husband even had several other off the wall questions about several other vehicles he owns for both Chris and Cara, and they promptly answered everything that he asked them, without hesitation. 
hubby in the doorway
When my husband’s truck was completed, one of the employees, took it out for a test drive, and then brought it back, and checked the fluid. We are to return in ten days, for a courtesy check, to verify that everything is still in working order and running properly. The parts and labor are guaranteed for one year. 

Together, my husband and I found the service to be excellent and top notch, and we will from now on in, taking our vehicles to Brevard Discount Transmission located at: 3530 N. Courtney Pkwy Suite 101 Merritt Island, Florida 32953. Their telephone number is 321-459-1010. So, if you ever want the best service in town, now you too, know where to go!
The Chevy Truck in Question!