Saturday, July 4, 2015

My Experience w/ " "

My Experience with " "

I found the most beautiful bathing suit on this web site VIA facebook and I immediately fell in love! On payday, went to the site to order. When I originally went to the site a few days prior, the price was $6.95. Yes, I know. What a shocker! I knew I should've saved it, but I didn't, because I followed it "from" facebook. 

Going back to the site itself, not VIA Facebook because low and behold I can no longer find the link- I find the same bathing suit, still on sale, but now the price is $12.95. Upset, I search facebook in the search tabs, and can only find "Rosewe" on a facebook page itself. Nowhere, can I find the advertisement on facebook. 

Needless to say, before I the bathing suit goes up further in price, I decide to order it. 

Several months later, and I do mean months, I receive an unmarked balled up package from China. Nowhere on it does it say: "Rosewe." 

Inside the package is yes, a bathing suit, but two different size pieces. And I order one size. Which was the only way you could order. 

Here is the photo:

The top is an XL and the bottoms are XXXL. And let me tell you what, my chest is large, and there is absolutely no way I will fit these puppies in an XL. So, I contacted them, time and time again. And they have yet to fix the problem, let alone care!

Here is the tickets I have filed with them:

I have also contacted them VIA their facebook page:

Here is a screen shot of the bathing suit now:

And here is the close up:

You can see why I fell in love with the bath suit, yes??!! It is beautiful. Sadly, I still do not own it. And I truly still want to. Because it is beautiful, even at $12.95! I have no issue with price, what-so-ever. Even when it went "up!" I was astounded when I found it at $6.95 but when it went up to $12.95 I still had no issues with the price.

What I do have issues with is this:

You cannot contact them by phone. They have no toll free number. You have to submit tickets, send emails (when you want to send photos.) and you truly deal with different people each time you "speak" to someone who has the same and different thing to say each time. 

So nothing gets resolved. 

Here I sit with nothing resolved, and monies spent, and goals unmet. 

I suggest not to purchase from because they are very unprofessional. 

I am going to publicize this, and then contact the Better Business Bureau and everyone else, to make it known, that this company is China based and doesn't care to satisfy their customers. Their goal is money, and money only. Nothing more, nothing less.

I hope I have saved others with their future sales within this fraud of a company. 

Thank you for reading, please share so others will be warned.