Saturday, June 17, 2017

Review: Mitchell's Family Diner ~ Year 3 ~ Ribbon Cutting

Mitchell’s Family Diner

Ribbon Cutting
Year Three
Saturday June 17, 2017

A few years back, my husband and I discovered Mitchell’s diner. Back then, they didn’t have the extended hours that they have now. But they introduced me to a new way to experience French toast. And it is now the only way I like it. However, it is no longer on the menu. 
The owners are Erica and Jason Mitchell. The recipes are their own, down home and delicious. The prices aren't too high, in fact they're quite reasonable, and their service is top notch!

I am personally familiar with Nikki, who has waited on my husband and myself on several occasions. When you go to order, she offers up suggestions, and explains everything. She has tasted everything on the menu, and tells you exactly what she thinks. When I ordered fried green tomatoes as a side, she told me, “Well you only get three as a side, and six when ordered as an entrée. So, if you want more, my suggestion would be thee entrée.” I ordered the entrée. And I was glad I did, because David and shared them. 

On the ribbon cutting day, my waitress was Meghan, and she gave me some insight, and was truly an exciting person. The waitresses that I knew, and Mrs. Mitchell posed for their own picture, which I will include in this review. 
Mrs. Erica Mitchell

At the ribbon cutting there were several drawings for ‘Mitchell Diner’ gift certificates and shirts, a gun gift certificate from someplace, a two-hundred-dollar transmission gift certificate, a hair color gift certificate, and several others. I am not sure where or who their donors were, I apologize. 

The Diner now offers beer, and extended hours. Wednesday is Wacky Waffle Wednesday. All waffles and toppings and waffle sides are half price. They offer this one waffle that I haven’t tried, but the pictures and thought of it just blew me away. It is called the ‘Peanut Butter bacon explosion.’ On its comes: Peanut butter drizzle, bacon crumbles, crushed peanuts, chocolate chips and berries. It will truly be entertainment for one’s mouth!

And the best part, if you didn’t already know, the actor Vin Diesel has been to Mitchell’s and speaks highly of the diner ad their Southern hospitality. Need proof? Here’s the link to that very article: 

Mitchell’s Diner is located at 1400 N. Cocoa Blvd. Cocoa, Florida 32922. They also do pickup and delivery, and the phone number is 321-338-2909. You can also find them on facebook right here: MitchellsRestaurant and the web at
I give Mitchell’s Family Diner a five-star rating I think they’re food is amazing. Their green beans have bacon in them, and taste like someone spent hours slow cooking them. All of the food is like that. Tasty, so much so that you will be talking about it for days. And the staff, is friendly, informative, and they’ll treat you just like family. Oh, and one more thing, even my husband gives them five stars! 

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