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Review: Sinbad's Mediterranean Food in Merritt Island, Florida

 Review: Sinbad's Mediterranean Food 
Merritt Island, Florida:

My husband and I have literally loved "Gyro's" since we discovered them in a mall in Akron, Ohio. After a few years, the Gyro stand closed up. Then we moved to Florida.
One afternoon, we had seen a sign for "Gyro's" and thought, "It can't hurt to give them a try." So we went there.

We met the owner, who now knows us on a first name basis. He introduced us to several things, which we tried and enjoyed. He serves Mediterranean food.

This is a mint green colored building, and you cannot eat inside, however outside he has picnic tables and chairs. There are umbrellas atop the tables, and a canopy above that.

This place is known as: Sinbad. It is located in Merritt Island, on route three, which is also Courtney Parkway. Here is the info you will need for GPS, or MapQuest:

1452 N. Courtney Parkway
Merritt Island, Florida 32953
(321) 459-9815

Hours of operation: Monday thru Saturday: 10:00 am to 9:00 pm
Sunday: 11:30 am to 5:00 pm

The owners name is Marvin, and we can honestly say that he is a friend of the family. We send people to him, and bring our friends and family with us, sharing the great tastes that he has to offer.

For dessert I suggest that if you like sweets, try the "baklava". Pronounced just how it's spelled. The history of how it is made, is amazing. It is like a bread, rolled super duper thin, and lots and lots of sugar. It is extremely sweet, and even addicting.

There are platters, with his food, meaning- meals. And soft drinks, which are coke products. He makes his own lemonade in the Summer time, fresh squeezed, and not too sweet, and not too sour. The iced tea is also freshly brewed! The fries are seasoned fries, and everything is made fresh right when you order it, so plan to wait a minute.

There are drive thru windows on each side of then building. This eatery is located inside of a strip mall. You can't miss the building, it is now mint green, it used to be bright yellow. There is also an Aladdin style genie on the side of the building.

There are specials from time to time, which are on the sign by the street. The sign used to have the word "Sinbad" on it, until the weather took it down. However, the place where he lists his specials is still there.

The pricing is not too high either. And you can even have double meat, if you want. An added bonus, is that Marvin and his family of employees also take special orders upon request, and they even offer catering! Please call ahead for special orders and catering.

Remember, this is not a place you will go inside in the air conditioning and sit down to eat. It is a drive thru. But there are tables outside, if weather permits you can sit outside and enjoy your meal.
On a scale of one through ten, I give Sinbad's a perfect ten! If you haven't tried it, you don't know what you are missing! If and when you do try it, please tell him you read this review, and that Deneale sent you. He knows who I am.

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