Sunday, August 14, 2016

Product Review: Triple Paste Medicated Ointment

Triple Paste Medicated Ointment
As most of you may well enough know, I currently do not have any babies in my care. My children are full grown.

However, there comes a time, when as a Mother, you end up having to find a cure for a rash. And that's how I ended up finding this ointment.

My kids, my husband and I all ended up with a bad heat rash. Living in Florida with high temps in the Nineties and hundreds it can happen, especially when you are working and for long hours.

We had tried powders, and Neosporin, and normal diaper creams and nothing was working, because we still had to work in the heat, and still had things to do.

When I was having children, we had a powder known as "Caldesene Powder" in a pink bottle; it was a zinc oxide talc. And I knew for a fact it worked, and it worked fast. So I went to the store, Wal-Mart of course, and asked around. Everyone looked at me like I was mental or something. I asked the pharmacist, he thought it was a prescription, and looked it up, and naturally since it wasn't- he couldn't find it. He suggested looking on-line or trying Walgreens. I proceeded to look in the baby department itself, and still found nothing. However, I decided rather than waste my fuel I would read bottles and creams and see if anything there came close in comparison to solve the issues we were having.

Let it be known, Wal-mart was out of Caldesene powder. I went back, it was there next week. Here is a picture of it, so you know what I am talking about: 

This is how I came across Triple Paste Medicated Ointment. It says it is for diaper rash. It states right on the tube that it is recommended by pediatricians and dermatologists when other treatments fail. It is also fragrance free, and hypoallergenic. It even gives you an 800 number and a web site, as well the distributors address. Reading its ingredient: Zinc oxide: 12.8%.

We applied the product to our problem areas, promptly after a long hot soak. This made our pores open and ready to accept the treatment. Once applied, you could feel its soothing relief instantly. The next day, the redness was gone, and I mean gone, however yes there were still some very small areas that were irritated. So we applied more, and by that night with our showers before bed, everything was completely and totally gone. No trace of anything- it never even looked like there had been a rash there at all!

This tube only has two ounces in it, and I thought that it wouldn't be enough-and I was wrong. We still have plenty left over.

We did exactly what it said; we applied it generously over the affected area, after it had been patted dry. We only needed to apply it that night, and the next day, and we were done.

Afterwards, I told the neighbor who does have a baby- about it, and her baby does have a rash and she borrowed the tube too. She has since returned it, and it still has plenty in it, and she used it once, and the baby no longer has a rash either. The woman has since went out and bought herself a tube as well.

I will tell you, that this little tube was not cheap. At Wal-Mart I am not certain, but I am thinking the tube was over seven dollars or so. (This is an approximate figure, not exact.) I checked at the web site listed on the tube, and found that there are a lot of products this company produces that are impressive. However, on their page the price of this tube is $9.75 and then of course, I am sure you will have to pay shipping and handling.

The web site for Triple Paste Medicated Ointment is and right on the front page it states: "Improving the dermatology patients' way of life." That right there tells you, they are trying to make a difference.

I give this product a two thumbs up and think anyone who has any kind of a rash and are having issues getting rid of it, might want to consider giving this product a try. On the back it states that if your condition worsens or does not improve within seven days, stop use and ask a doctor.

This is an excellent product and I will definitely recommend it to my friends and family, because it works and I know it does-hands down! Thank you "Summers Laboratories, Inc." for producing such a fine product!


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