Sunday, December 23, 2012

Red Heart & Red Heart Love Yarn Brands!

I grew up with a Mother and Grand Mother and several different Great Grand Mothers who crocheted. Everywhere you looked there was yarn, and on going projects, to me- that is normal.
My own project. Gator themed Afghan! Photo courtesy of ME! Deneale Photography

I also grew up left handed and had to be taught to crochet by watching my Mother as I sat on the floor and she crocheted normally, and imitated, using my hand seemingly the same as hers. Mind you, I am told I crochet backwards. However I am left handed... isn't everything I do wrong and/or backwards already??? (I mean honestly?!)
YES I spelled within my crochet! MY own design! Photo & design by ME!

But that is not the moral of this entry, today. The moral here is yarn. 
Red Heart yarn super saver package photo courtesy of Red Heart

I have inherited a great deal of yarn from my Mother and Grand Mother, and I use it, all of it. And there are many different kinds. And along my path of learning to crochet, I also experimented with different brands- and I say this regretfully because some have given me anger, pain, and stress.....

Now that I have myself, been crocheting for lets say: over thirty years, we don't need to have an exact science on numbers, now do we? No, no need.....

I have found myself to prefer 'Red Heart' yarn over all the others. And recently, I guess recently, 'Wal Mart' started carrying a new brand of 'Red Heart' called 'Love.' I accidentally found it when I needed a certain and specific color to match what I was doing. 

Where I live, many craft stores have since closed down, so basically the main thing I have to deal with is 'Wal Mart' and on a rare occasion 'Hobby Lobby.' 

The thing that disappointed me about the 'Red Heart Love' brand what it cost me almost a dollar fifty more. Call me cheap, but to sell ones crafts, one is not going to get the labor and the yarn out of their projects, trust me!
Red Heart Love Brand photo courtesy of Red Heart Brand Yarns

According to 'Hobby Lobby' 'Red Heart Love' has been out for quite sometime, 'Wal Mart' does not keep associates in the Craft section, specifically anymore. They in fact, rarely order properly and run out of colors frequently which is also disappointing. 

The plus side to 'Red Heart Love' yarn, I found, it is softer. Their colors are prettier, and what not, but again- like I said, more costly.

Crafts are some what of a dying breed, which is also why I don't understand why their prices keep going up too, to buy the products to make things yourself.

However, I want to give a thumbs up to 'Red Heart' yarn, both original and 'Love' they do not unravel and fall apart, they survive washing and drying, and always look good and are easy to work with. I give the products on my scale of one to five, a five. A perfect five. I just wish they could cost less, honestly.

I give 'Red Heart' original a four on price, and regret to inform you that I give 'Red Heart Love' yarn a three on pricing. Even if it is priced higher because it is a limited dye lot, or softer, I don't care. It doesn't need to cost more, not an entire dollar and a half!

Through research while writing this blog entry, I did find that 'Red Heart' does have a web site. Here is the location:

You can also tweet to them on by using this: @RedHeartYarns 

I will continue being faithful to 'Red Heart' yarn, there is no better choice!

Thank you 'Red Heart' please bring back the lavender, deep purple and white variegated! I am begging! I will buy gallons upon gallon of it! 

Chinese Fan Stitch & double crochet border made by ME photo courtesy of ME!

Thank you 'Red Heart' from looking through my Grand Parent's and Mother's yarn collection, you have been around for quite sometime!

It does me proud to continue to support a great product!


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